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is it spring yet?

The lovely pretty daffodils in my kitchen seem to think so:

However it is still February, so I suspect there's a little while to wait yet.

Not that I mind winter, as such.. it's just that this one has been soooo cold.  I don't have gas in my flat, so have to rely on crap inefficient electric panel heaters to keep warm.  Plus thermals, fleeces, fluffy socks etc. (current room temperature: 15° - and we won't get into how disgustingly massive the recent leccy bill was :()

Musical Excitement

Two very important and exciting musically themed things this week:

The Manics are doing a mini-tour in May. There's a new Radiohead album

oh, and the Brit awards, but that registers so low on my radar that it may as well not exist.  As I displayed my massive lack of street cred during a discussion at work where I hadn't heard of any of the winners/nominees.  No huge loss, given that I assume the charts are probably full of x factor type shite :P

Starting with point 2.  Radiohead.  Ahhhh! Whilst enjoying a lazy day off on monday, the internet informed me that... continue reading »

Exploring Hartpury

Things to do on a dull Sunday afternoon, having already wimped out of going kayaking on grounds of there being massive amounts of water in the rivers (and wanting a lie in) - take the bike out for a first ride of the year! (yes, I realise it's February, shush)

A small consultation with CycleStreets later, I decided to head for Hartpury.  5 and a half miles of NCN 45, conveniently avoiding any main roads.

Half a mile in I realised a slight flaw in my 'relaxed Sunday afternoon' plan.  Strong, gusty and quite annoying winds.  But turning back and giving up... continue reading »