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halloween cakepops

Evenings this week have been filled with the surprisingly time consuming process of making these:

Cakepops!  Pumpkins and ghosts.  15 of each, ready for a trip to Wales this weekend.  If they survive the journey without the other occupants of the car eating them all, that is...


So, the day after buying new boots (and wandering up my local hill in them) I headed over to Glasbury to do another section of the Wye Valley Walk.

Two options from Glasbury: walk back to Llowes (about 4km), or walk upstream to Boughrood (about 5k)

I was contemplating getting both bits done in one day, so leaving the car in the middle of a vague figure of 8.

As it turned out, this didn't happen.  After walking to Llowes and back, the new boots were rubbing my heels a bit, so I decided it would be silly (and probably painful) to walk... continue reading »

I can see for miles

I bought some new walking boots.  No more squished toes and worn down soles!

Good excuse for a quick wander up the local highpoint - Robinswood Hill.  A mighty 198m above sea level, topped with trig point, some sort of jubilee beacon and another pillar that probably should have a toposcope on it, but in fact just had holes and bits of old glue/cement.  Useful.

Anyway, the scenery was fairly obvious - Gloucester (including my house!), the Cotswolds, May Hill, Bredon Hill, some of the Malverns (hiding under a rain cloud), and these:

Both Severn bridges, 25 miles away.  Wasn't expecting to be... continue reading »

two walks in one day

Last weekend was the start of October.  Yet we had 27° and glorious sunshine.  What's that all about?  Supposed to be autumn, not a very late summer...

Anyway Saturday was far too hot and stuffy for me to feel motivated to do anything, so I chilled out at home and read an entire book.

On Sunday I got up early for the rugby, then headed off in a Hay-on-Wye direction for yet more walking.  Once I got the other side of Hereford the sun vanished, but my car was still telling me it was 25°.

Parked up near Priory Wood, and headed off... continue reading »