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Perhaps the most iconic part of the Forest sculpture trail, last week Place was taken down.  It had been there since 1986, and had to be taken down because it had become too unstable.

Obviously this is a shame, as the 'Giant's Chair' is well loved.  But it was originally only supposed to exist for a year, and one of the charms of the sculpture trail is that things do evolve, rot, get reclaimed by nature etc.  Parts of the chair have been burned for charcoal, and I believe two of the legs have been left for wildlife.

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Gloucester North parkrun

Saturday was the very first Gloucester North parkrun. This is very definitely now my local, as it's within walking distance.

There are quite a few nearby parkruns now, which is quite exciting.  I've done Cheltenham (including the inaugural one) and the Forest of Dean, but not Newent, Kingsway or Tewkesbury.  That may or may not change at some point, but it's certainly nice to have a choice!

Glos North is held at Plock Court, which is a big boring flat field - no prizes for scenery here.  It's also been known to turn into a large lake, but that's another matter...
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More forest biking

Dry autumn days are possibly my favourite time to go for wanderings on my mountain bike.  Last weekend I headed into the Forest of Dean (as usual), but decided to make an effort to find some bits I've not previously explored.

I dug out my trusty Cycling Guides map, and decided on the "Forest Adventurer" Blakeney loop, starting from Mallards Pike.  Plus whatever extra bits I felt like adding on afterwards, which turned out to be a slightly scenic route to Cinderford (one detour intentional, another not so much), then along the road through the town, and back to the start... continue reading »

I failed at Septemblog

So, perhaps inevitably, I failed miserably at blogging every day in September.

Actually, I take that back.  It wasn't a 'miserable' failure - I averaged one post every two days overall.  Most of which I count as proper content.  Best I've managed for a long time!

I've been blogging for many years now - on this domain and previous ones - and what I use it for has changed hugely over that time.  I remember when "weblog" was still a brand new word.
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