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Dry autumn days are possibly my favourite time to go for wanderings on my mountain bike.  Last weekend I headed into the Forest of Dean (as usual), but decided to make an effort to find some bits I've not previously explored.

bike leaning on something
cliché photo 1: bike leaning on something

I dug out my trusty Cycling Guides map, and decided on the "Forest Adventurer" Blakeney loop, starting from Mallards Pike.  Plus whatever extra bits I felt like adding on afterwards, which turned out to be a slightly scenic route to Cinderford (one detour intentional, another not so much), then along the road through the town, and back to the start via the linear park and straight over/along whatever hill it is there. Strava version here, though for some reason my phone gps got confused and cut the end off.

logs, with fungus
cliché photo 2: piles of logs, with added fungus

Lots of wildlife about too.  As well as the usual dogs being walked, I saw two deer, several squirrels, and hundreds/thousands of crunchy looking black beetles. Must be peak time of year for them.  Didn't spot any boar, though there's plenty of evidence of their existence (ie destruction)

Mallards Pike
cliché photo 3: reflections

The trees around Mallards Pike are green and yellows rather than full on autumn oranges/reds.  Nearly a mirror reflection, apart from ripples from a few ducks and an enthusiastic dog!


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  1. Kim's gravatar

    Great photos. I'm from Cirencester myself and love visiting The Forest of Dean, I've never cycled there but enjoy walks. I've been to Puzzle Wood, Clearwell Caves, Go Ape (which has beautiful scenery around it).

    I'm hoping to go for a nature walk around the Dean Heritage Site very soon.

    Kim | 16th Oct 15 18:18

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