I failed at Septemblog

So, perhaps inevitably, I failed miserably at blogging every day in September.

Actually, I take that back.  It wasn't a 'miserable' failure - I averaged one post every two days overall.  Most of which I count as proper content.  Best I've managed for a long time!

I've been blogging for many years now - on this domain and previous ones - and what I use it for has changed hugely over that time.  I remember when "weblog" was still a brand new word.
I've gone from geeky updates as I taught myself coding/websites, to comments on news/current events, to general stressed out venting about life, the universe, and everything. (only a small proportion of my vast archives are currently public, haha)

Then facebook came along and I found myself using that for day to day updates, because it was more convenient and all my friends were already there.

Over the last few years I've settled into a lifestyle with several time consuming hobbies, meaning priorities have changed and website updates have got less frequent.  And more delayed, because I was finding myself held up by a backlog of photos.

Photo galleries are currently on hold, partly because the system I wrote many years ago isn't great any more, but mostly because it's just too time consuming to try and sort through all the pictures I take.  Also time consuming (and boring?) for someone to click through them all...

Trying to post something daily was tough.  And not just because of a lack of spare time!  I had no desire to resort to "blogging for the sake of blogging" and fill my database with pointless posts about what my favourite flavour of crisps is.  I mean, I posted before and after photos of tidying my desk ffs.  Definite low point.

So, my website focus for the time being is a bit more "lifestyle".  No point taking millions of pictures of the places I visit and things I do if I'm not even trying to share them with the world ;)


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