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Highnam Court 10k

Last year I ran the inaugural Great Highnam Court 10k, and last Saturday I went back for the second.

I've love to say my time improved, but it actually turned out to be a minute and a bit slower.  However, I'm much happier with how the actual running went - last year I remember needing several walk breaks towards the end, but this year barely any walking was required.

Apart from the first few hundred metres, that is.  148 runners starting off and almost immediately reaching a narrow bit of footpath was only ever going to turn into a bottleneck!  I'm blaming... continue reading »

24 hours in Brighton

I think if I was forced to live in a big city in the South East of England, I'd probably choose Brighton.  It has hills, seaside, quirky shops, lots of rainbows, and it's not too far to escape to the countryside. (Obviously I would still prefer to live in actual countryside, sorry big cities!)

I hadn't visited for over a decade (!!), but last weekend I popped down to meet up with a few friends. The drive down on Saturday was horrible.  So much rain, spray, and generally bad visibility.  Yet still there are far too many drivers who don't think... continue reading »

lots of biking

Both of my bikes have actually been getting some use over the last month or so, which makes a nice change as I'd got lazy about my cycling again.

Following an incident with some broken glass, my road bike is now running brand new tyres.  I've been breaking these in (and reminding myself why I love road cycling) with some shorter rides, including popping into Gloucester to watch the Tour of Britain come through. My new workplace is definitely in cycling distance (and, unlike the previous place, doesn't involve running the gauntlet of lorries at 50mph) so I've done that once... continue reading »