Highnam Court 10k

Last year I ran the inaugural Great Highnam Court 10k, and last Saturday I went back for the second.

I've love to say my time improved, but it actually turned out to be a minute and a bit slower.  However, I'm much happier with how the actual running went - last year I remember needing several walk breaks towards the end, but this year barely any walking was required.

Apart from the first few hundred metres, that is.  148 runners starting off and almost immediately reaching a narrow bit of footpath was only ever going to turn into a bottleneck!  I'm blaming this for my relatively slow time - when we reached the 1km marker my fitbit said 7min 38...

medal and race number
yay bling

Apart from that it was relatively plain sailing, other than needing to avoid a few large dumps of horse manure on the paths.  After we finished the first lap I did sort of abandon Jem, who finished four minutes behind me, so I could carry on at my own pace (and she at hers).

This year we also had the added entertainment/distraction of a herd of sheep running around.  Luckily they were kept out of our way!

Will I be back for a third go next year?  Probably.  It's such a lovely setting for a run.



  1. Jem's gravatar

    Next year I'll be much fitter and will be able to run with you the whole way.



    Jem | 23rd Sep 16 16:09

  2. Katy's gravatar

    and we'll do it sub-1hr!


    Katy | 26th Sep 16 10:11

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