a weekend in Birmingham

Well, I've had a really good and busy weekend :)  And as it turns out, also quite an expensive one.  bah...

Friday evening was a UBKC polo tournament.  Current teams vs old gits (I chose to just spectate, hah).  We then went for curry, which involved consumption of far too much wine.

Bit of a lie in on Saturday (and more than a bit of feeling quite ill).  Then off we went to Llangollen, for a quick bash down the Dee :)

Back to Birmingham and time for more socialising - pie party, then pub, then sitting about watching random films for a bit.  This involved me having to parallel park twice in one evening, which was somewhat shameful... I think I have now done it about 6 times since passing my test, and seem to have mostly forgotten how.

On Sunday we went to the cinema to see Underworld, and were then thinking of going ice skating but it was closed.  So instead, pub food watching the snow!

Anyway, at some point over the weekend an interesting clunking noise developed in the back of my car, which I was trying to claim was just stuff in the boot.  General opinion seemed to suggest a suspension related noise though.

Both wrong - it was actually the exhaust falling apart :(  Corroded through in about three places.  I am blaming the salt on the roads for finishing it off, bah.  Getting that sorted yesterday (plus two new tyres) has used up half of my boat fund, which is rather annoying.


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