Bore Surfing!

On Saturday, there was a 3* Severn Bore.  That's an entire star better than the one I saw last month!

And, well, it was.  Standing in a field this time, rather than on Over Bridge, to watch people try and surf it in kayaks (as well as on surfboards)

lots of surfboards

I could have taken my boat and had a go, but I thought I'd watch other people do it first!  'Inspection', if you will.  Think I'll have a go next time though :D

Anyway, there were loads of people congregated on the riverbanks, and quite a number in the river too!  5 (maybe 6?) kayaks, and somewhere between 10 and 15 surfboards.  Ish.  Also assorted noise from the sky, where there was at least one helicopter, a microlight, and some paragliders.  Bet they got a good view!

The bore arrived later than scheduled, but was worth the extra wait :)  I'd taken both cameras for some reason, and I'm glad I did - the batteries in the Canon died just as the wave arrived.  Typical.  So a mad scrabble into my bag for the Olympus, and tada - photos!  There's a video too, obviously not done by me!


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