new phone!

I have a new phone :) It's a lovely shiny android (linux!!) powered HTC Magic.  Very nice :)

Far too much hassle actually getting my hands on one though... For starters, it's only available on Vodafone.  Which might have been ok if they hadn't decided that I failed their credit check (for reasons unknown - my credit rating is absolutely fine!).  Then I figured it was a bit of a lucky escape anyway as they're bastards about transferring phone numbers to them...

So, now I have an unlocked magic, courtesy of eBay, and a sim only O2 contract.  Which I think should actually work out at a bit cheaper overall than the vodafone contract would have - and includes a lot more minutes and texts. hah.

I've had the phone for a week now, and so far have mostly been abusing the Android Marketplace to install (and later remove) loads of crappy games/apps.  Including a kayaking game!  which I am really not very good at, and don't want to pay to get more levels, so that one won't last much longer I don't think.

The novelty of a phone with a touchscreen/wifi/gps/etc is keeping me very amused - I've got a lovely gps trace of Sunday's bike ride, although I've yet to figure out what to do with it...


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  1. Amelie's gravatar

    I think we need pictures. ;)

    Also, Android > iPhone. Anyone who thinks differently is obviously deluded. :P

    Amelie | 18th Aug 09 9:26

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