Cleeve Hill trigpoints

For a slight change of local dog walking scenery we headed up Cleeve Hill.

It's a popular spot - easy access, great views and lots of options for walking, cycling, horseriding, kite flying, climbing, etc etc.  It also has two trig points.

One is in the middle of the golf course, at 317m.  There's a toposcope next to it too.

trigpoint, me, dog

The other is near the radio masts, and at 330m marks the actual summit.  Apparently it also makes a very good scratching post for the many sheep on the common.

sheep around a trigpoint

As you can see it was a lovely sunny afternoon.  Unfortunately this meant I ended up with nice pink arms, because SPF 15 wasn't enough.  Oops.  Gelato in Cheltenham on the way home made it slightly better though.


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