thirty two

I had another birthday this week.  I'm long past being excited about birthdays, but this years was extra dull because I wasn't feeling particularly healthy thanks to the boyfriend sharing his cold germs with me a few days earlier.  We basically spent the evening coughing and sneezing in front of the TV.

However I did manage to make a cake - raspberry, blueberry and lime (without the drizzle).

rubbish photo of cake

I've done this one as a birthday cake before, but I wasn't really feel like trying anything new and I remembered it being very yummy.  It didn't get iced, and I forgot to take any proper photos (hence potato-phone quality pic).


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  1. Helen's gravatar

    Happy birthday!

    This cake sounds delicious, I'm a huge fan of sponges with fruit in them. My aunt made us a very similar one once and it was gorgeous, so refreshing. Now I want cake...

    Helen | 11th Jul 16 15:53

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