Glevum Way, part 3

On a rather windy afternoon (thanks to storm Brian), we finished walking the Glevum Way.

We picked up where we left it last time, with familiar paths around the golf course then across fields to the A38.  From here on the route was mostly new to me.  More fields with really easy to follow paths took us to Sandhurst, then we walked along the road for about 1km to the river.

Glevum way, through fields

The riverside path was... interesting.  Narrow, a bit overgrown, and tucked away between garden fences and the water. Oh, and a stile with the word 'DEATH' spray painted onto it. There was also far too much rubbish strewn all over the place, which only got worse as we got closer to the city.

dumped trolley and rubbish
it was jokingly suggested that this could be 'art'. No. it's rubbish dumped by idiots :(

The other thing we noticed as we approached 'civilisation' was a gradual increase in traffic noise, and the soothing sound of sirens.  Ahh...

After popping out at what google maps labels the 'Westgate leisure area', it was a little wiggle of bridges to cross the Severn, walk along the other bank, and cross back at the lock.  I'm not actually sure exactly where in the docks the official start/end point of the route is, but we decided that Tank would do and celebrated with burgers and beer :)

We walked 12km in 2.5hr, with almost no need to stop and check the map. The signposts and stickers on this section were actually pretty good, apart from at Westgate where they seemed to vanish.

The Glevum Way is certainly a varied route - very urban, but also lots of countryside.  I've really enjoyed walking a lap of Gloucester.


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