Goodrich Castle

Things to do on a slightly grey and drizzly bank holiday weekend when you haven't gone biking/camping with friends because of dog faff: visit a castle!

This is the view from the top of the keep at Goodrich Castle.

view from the top of the keep at Goodrich Castle
looking north - note River Wye on the left

We've had this one on our list for a visit for ages now - a couple of years ago we used the car park and walked up Coppet Hill, intending to go in afterwards... but ran out of time.  I'm certain I'll have been dragged around it as a child, of course.

It's a dog friendly site, and the admission charge includes a really good audio guide.  And I'm saying that as someone who easily gets bored of listening to commentaries!  It had plenty of interesting information, but without being waffley.

The tearoom was very good too - I had a massive cheese scone, Jon had some very chocolatey cake, and the dogs got some biscuits and a fuss from the staff.


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