If you follow me on instagram, you'll have noticed that we've had a new addition to the household recently.  This explains why I seem to have disappeared into some sort of antisocial black hole recently. (sorry friends)

Anyway, meet Tilly!

tilly lying in the grass

She's a 2 year old lurcher, who we are fostering from the Forever Hounds Trust.  Hopefully she'll be staying with us permanently - she has some issues with separation anxiety which we need to address first, but we do seem to be making good progress thanks to being able to work at home, and her settling in and getting used to our routine.

Over the last two and a half weeks she's been on lots of walks, trips to several different pubs, a BBQ, a castle (more on that later), dog training sessions, and we've both taken her out running several times - which she absolutely loves!  Busy busy :)

Bonnie seems to be enjoying having a new friend, even if her snoozing frequently gets interrupted because Tilly wants to play....  Here they have having a rest in the garden after running around after each other.

lying in the garden

Happy dogs!


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