Hereford to Mordiford

Another sunny weekend with not enough water in the rivers for kayaking... so I've ticked off a bit more Wye Valley Walk!  For extra novelty points, I used public transport too.  Been a while since I've done that, hah.

Having driven to Mordiford, I parked the car and ate lunch whilst waiting for the bus to Hereford, and was a little surprised when it actually arrived, bang on time! (I did have a back up plan of a circular walk, just in case).

I've not been to Hereford for ages - obviously no time for shopping this time though!  Some fairly impressive landscaping work going on at the cathedral, and the Tourist Information was also closed for refurbishment.  This is annoying because it's a "stamping point" for my WVW passport thingy.  Oh well, I will be back at some point.

So a bit of 'urban walking', then lots of fairly boring fields and not much River Wye (though the section just above Mordiford follows the Lugg).  With lots of power lines all over the place:

power lines

I reached Mordiford (11.5km) and was wondering whether to add another small loop on or not, when I bumped into some other walkers heading the other way... "if you walk another 20 minutes there's a field of deer!".  So that was that.  And by the time I got to the deer field (yay for long zoom lens), I realised it was only another kilometre to Fownhope where I left the path last time, so figured I may as well be a bit obsessive and join the two sections up.

17km total, followed by much needed refreshment in the pub!  The Moon is another "stamping point", so I got that done, along with half an hour of slightly intimidating but mostly well meaning locals talking to/laughing at me.


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