how can a bus be an atheist?

In the news again this week - the Atheist Bus Campaign.  Posters on buses (and the tube, etc), in reaction to some especially preachy adverts from religious idiots telling people that they'd burn in hell if they didn't go to church.  Or something, I wasn't really paying much attention...

There's probably no god.  Now stop worrying and enjoy your life

Now, I don't consider myself an atheist.  I'm not religious, I don't believe in any higher beings etc etc.  But people don't go round defining themselves according to whether they believe in the tooth fairy, do they?  The whole concept strikes me as being somewhat counter-productive.

So I wasn't really planning on mentioning the buses.  I like the idea, and I'm pleased that it's actually happening, because I really hate people preaching and trying to force their views on me.

But that idiot from christian voice has apparently decided to complain to the Advertising Standard people because he thinks it violates rules on "substantiation and truthfulness".  I keep reading that as truthiness, hehe.

Plus these are the same idiots who got their knickers in a twist over the Jerry Springer opera.  They really need to find a more productive way to spend their time!


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