Stupid Freeview

At some point in the last month, my Freeview signal went all crappy.  As it occasionally does (grr).  I was lazy for a few days and just ignored it, hoping it might magically fix itself.  It didn't.  So I powercycled the box a few times.  Nope.  Unplugged and re-plugged all the cables.  Nope.

So I retuned the box.  Analogue switch off soon, blah blah, so I thought maybe things had moved a bit in preparation.

Turns out this was a very silly idea.  I am now left with only BBC channels, ITV3, QVC and Fiver.  Not a brilliant selection, especially if you consider that most of what I watch is on E4 :(

Which means I've been streaming a lot of tv online.  Yay for SeeSaw!  This was going fine, until I got the dreaded email "you're approaching your broadband bandwidth limit". And only half way through a billing month. oops.  Admittedly I "only" have 10Gig a month, because it's el cheapo and normally plenty enough. Today I got a second email saying I'd exceeded the limit, so they've added a fiver to my bill for an extra 5 gig.  sigh.

But on the plus side, I've discovered that BBC4 isn't just boring 'intellectual' crap...  Switched over after Hustle last night to find nearly 2 hours of Iron Maiden.  Awesome!  Seems they've got quite a few heavy metal documentaries going on as well. Good stuff.  And possibly a bit less brain numbing than Hollyoaks and endless repeats of Friends.


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  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    BBC4, everything from History, travel, and music Elgar to Robert Plant ..... I love it (when the remote control is in my command!)

    geek's mum | 24th Jan 11 0:51

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