more swimming

I've taken up swimming again.  To clarify, that's in a swimming pool, rather than rivers :P A year (or so) of uni has got in the way of my old routine of going every week, but I've got the time and money again now, so yeah.

Did 40 lengths last week, and 60 this.  Ideally working my way back up to doing 80 (2km) at a time, and hopefully I can find a time to go when it's not insanely busy and full of children/slow moving OAPs.

Several points of note though:

  • it's probably time to invest in a new swimming costume
  • swimming is easier when there aren't rocks/trees/current in the way
  • I seem to be able to hold my breath for a lot longer than I used to

The pool in Gloucester is quite nice though - for one, the clock at the end of the pool is digital, and huge enough that I can actually see what it says!  Also, so far anyone who's crashed into me has actually apologised - that's a big improvement on Ludlow, where idiots doing backstroke (why why why do people do this in a crowded pool?!) would give me evils for 'getting in their way' even though it was clearly their fault.  grr.

Oh yes, and being a local resident I get to save a massive 40p on entrance.  woohoo!



  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    Oh, they crash into you, do they? Don't you ever gently prod someone by mistake?

    geek's mum | 1st Feb 09 14:02

  2. Jim's gravatar

    And I thought walking to work was enough exercise. Guess I have to do more :(

    Jim | 19th Feb 09 15:07

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