I bought a house!

Yes, I have stepped onto the housing ladder at last!  No more renting - I'm now living in a 2 bed house of my very own :D (well ok, mostly the bank's)

The previous occupant was a smoker, so you can imagine how nice the decor was. Very definitely "Fagnolia" - yuck.  All the woodwork/radiators were also painted cream (with added stains) which wasn't helping anything.

My parents have been absolutely amazing helping out with all the DIY, cleaning, etc.  Big thanks to them, although I think they've enjoyed it too.

I had vague plans to take lots of before, during, and after... continue reading »

desk declutter

Hopefully I will be moving house in the not to distant future.  In theory this means I'm on a mission to de-clutter so I don't end up moving the same boxes of junk that were untouched last time I moved (3.5 years ago).

In reality, it's slow progress.  Several bags of clothes have gone to the charity shop, yet my wardrobe looks just as full. 

Today, I gave my desk a quick tidy.  Again, it doesn't look much different.  bah.

Whenever I tidy my 'office' I'm always amazed at how much excess stationery I find.  It's usually the same stuff, so either I... continue reading »

moving house, yet again

Oh look, I'm moving house.  Again.  This would be move number six since I left home to go to uni.

halls.  hell.  9 monthsskanky terrace.  bad housemates.  9 monthsslightly nicer terrace. psycho neighbours. 10 months.much nicer semi.  lots of cats.  One year and two weeks.lovely detached cottage.  middle of nowhere.  almost 11 monthsflat. on my own.  eep.

Good, isn't it?  Maybe one day I'll settle down and come up with some kind of long term life plan.  But not yet, 'cos that's quite hideously scary.  Short term scary 'eep I have to move house and live on my own and don't... continue reading »


Just as I was about to leave for work this morning a plumber turned up.  I wasn't expecting one, and it meant I had to faff around going to find my landlady so I could go to work and know that the house would get locked at some point.  grr.

This isn't quite as random as it may sound, as our landlady is getting central heating put in the house after we move out.  At least, I thought it would be after we moved out...  We've seen the listing on the lettings agent's website and it says 'available April', giving... continue reading »

New House

Nice to see that my new ISP started charging on the day I placed the order, rather than now (two weeks later) when the internet actually starts working....
Anyway, the broadband is on, and is rather fast so I'm happy. Now I can go back to some serious job hunting.

The new house is very nice, certainly better than previous ones, mostly because this isn't a student house and isn't anywhere near Stoke - which now seems to be home of the BNP. Lovely. We've moved to toryland it seems, hehe.
There's no chavs in the village, no streetlights, no... continue reading »