flat viewings are getting annoying

The lettings agents dealing with the flat are starting to annoy me now.  The last week has been a constant stream of phone calls and people turning up, which is fair enough.

But urgh, I sort of feel like they're starting to take the piss a little bit.  I've had 4 lots of people round so far, and another two due on the next two evenings. And despite various promises, only once has one of their staff turned up to do the viewing (and that's a bit of a saga in itself).  If they'd said to start with that I'd have to show people round on my own, then fine.  but urgh.

Saturday morning, I'm driving up to Shrewsbury and the phone rings (worryingly I didn't really hear it ring but it auto answers on handsfree so I have no idea how much of my singing they heard...) - "can someone come round at 3pm?".  No, says I, because I might not be back by then... try 4 instead.  ok, she sounds a bit put out but that's fine. 

Monday, 0915.  "the woman who came round on friday, she'd like to pop back for another quick look at some point this morning".  For reasons involving it being a) far too early in the day and b) incredibly short notice, I decide that I don't want to take another half hour off work to deal with it so say no... "oh, but she only wants a very quick look, don't you have a lunch break or something".  So I cave in.

Monday, 1230.  I get home for lunch to discover woman + parents waiting outside.  They're expecting one of the agency staff to join them, so say they'll wait a few minutes.  No-one shows, so I let them in anyway and continue making my sandwich.  20 minutes of annoying questions (which she's already asked!) about bills and noise levels and blah blah blah and they go, leaving me with very little time to actually eat my lunch.  So that's annoying.

Yesterday. oooh, this one's good.  Another phone call... I'm feeling slightly arsey now so tell them anything has to be after work.  Can someone come round at half 6, blah blah ok.  So half 6 this bloke turns up - "are you the landlady?"  no, I'm the tenant. "oh right, I was told the landlady would be here to show me around".  Firstly, it's a landlord and he lives somewhere far away so the agency manage it.  Secondly, no-one else has showed for any previous viewings...  I tell him both these things, and he mutters stuff about them being crap and wanders off.

Today - another sounding phone call "I understand there was a bit of a misunderstanding yesterday" oh really, was there now?  No point getting vaguely snappy with me about it, because it wasn't my misunderstanding.  By the sounds of it the bloke had probably had a bit of a go at them, because they arranged for him to come back today, accompanied by one of their people (who actually showed up!). I'm quite amused actually, he was making some slightly snarky comments about it - "ooh, nice to have someone with me today eh?!"

Apart from all that, they sounded a bit pissed off again when I said I wasn't going to be here at the weekend.  Urgh, it's not my fault I have better things to do than show people round my flat and answer 15 million questions about how noisy the road is at different times of day.  I know, I'm horribly impatient and rude and whatever. Also I've taken to yelling 'fuck off/go away' at my mobile whenever it rings now, which probably isn't a good thing...  And the phone at work too sometimes, oops.



  1. Iain's gravatar

    Are they paying you to show people round? Cos if not I wouldn't feel too worried about putting them out :-)

    Iain | 22nd Aug 07 18:27

  2. Katy's gravatar

    haha. really it's just trying to find a nice balance between them using me as a doormat, and me being completely unreasonable. yay power trips...

    Katy | 23rd Aug 07 13:23

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