#onehouroutside in November

Towards the end of October, Zoe from Splodz Blogz issued a #onehouroutside challenge - can you spend (at least) one hour outside every day for the month of November?

And I immediately though "yes, I can.  Shouldn't be too hard, especially with dog walking responsibilities".

Yeah, right.

In fairness, I almost managed it.  I think in the end there were probably 3 or 4 days where I didn't clock up a full 60 minutes, and on at least one of those I'd done plenty of indoor exercise so wasn't feeling super lazy. (the other days... shhh)

collage of outdoor images

Weekends weren't a problem, with many hours spent walking and cycling.  Dog walking made up a large proportion of weekday time, as did other exciting things like 'cycling to work' (once..), 'walking to the shops' and 'scraping ice from the car'.  Every little helps, right?

It probably also helped that November was fairly dry, and I managed to dodge the rain we did have pretty well.  However, I was very much hoping that some kayaking would happen, but sadly river levels have not been co-operating recently :( (the bit of white water in the photo above is a small local stream after some rain.. sadly not navigable!)



  1. Allysse Riordan's gravatar

    Well done for managing one hour outside (almost) everyday last month :)
    Even if it was walking to shops and scraping ice off your car, at least you were outside.

    Hopefully you'll get do enjoy some kayaking this month. Are the river levels looking any better?

    Allysse Riordan | 8th Dec 16 21:39

  2. Lauren M's gravatar

    I think that's a really good effort for such a dark and gloomy month. I would love to be able to spend more time outside, it's a major resolution for 2017. Hope you get out in a kayak soon :-)

    Lauren M | 11th Dec 16 19:12

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