why can't I hibernate?

It's nearly December, which means it's time for a everyone to have a good old moan about dark evenings, and cold/rainy/grey weather.  Bleurgh.

But apparently humans aren't allowed to hibernate, so we're busy as usual.  Perhaps too busy actually - my evenings are currently pretty full (tennis, pilates, kettlebells, canoe club pub night, plus occasional trips out to the theatre and the snowdome...) as well as going out at the weekend.  And lots of dog walks, which I've been doing at lunchtime to make sure I get some daylight.

Anyway, I've been feeling somewhat frazzled for the last couple of weeks.  Not helped by realising that I'd only had half a day off work since July - including changing jobs during that time.  Oops.  So last week I took a couple of days off to do things that normal people do at weekends - shopping, housework and a tip to the trip.

We've slightly scaled back the weekend 'adventurousness' and have been concentrating on fairly short local walks and bike rides, which I will summarise below...


Saturday before last we did a short circular walk from Deerhurst, along the Severn Way to Apperley and back.  The start/end point was Odda's Chapel, which is a very old and well preserved building that I didn't take any decent photos of.  Instead, here's a floodgate, because everyone loves flood plains.

flood gate at Deerhurst


The day after that we went for a second go at the Bredon Hill route, which was much muddier this time!  I had one surprisingly graceful dismount on a slippy downhill section, and we did a lot of stopping to remove big lumps of mud that were trying to clog everything up.  No random detours this time though!

Last Sunday we cycled up a local hill.  Sandhurst Hill has a trigpoint at a whopping 86m above sea level, so I'm not talking anything particularly strenuous here!  Once we'd summitted the hill we headed down a bridleway/track to the Severn, opposite the Boat at Ashleworth.  Again, quite muddy.  Sometimes I think that mud is made of lots of tiny hands that are determined to grab onto bike wheels (did I fall off again because of it? maaaybe)

bikes at the trigpoint

Other Stuff

Last weekend was also the Victorian Market at Gloucester Quays, ie the usual food/craft market but a bit bigger and with added fancy dress.  We came home with the usual haul of cheese, beer and salami :)



  1. Tess @ FitBits's gravatar

    How have you only had half a day off work since July?! That would drive me potty. Book some time off and get out on those wheels more immediately!

    Tess @ FitBits | 24th Nov 16 21:54

  2. Katy's gravatar

    @Tess I'm not really sure... time seems to have gone ridiculously quickly. Got a week's skiing coming up soon which should make up for it!

    Katy | 26th Nov 16 9:58

  3. Jonathan's gravatar

    Yeah, I'm feeling the bleurgh a bit too at the moment. It's silly, because I *know* that I'll feel better if I get out even for a couple of hours, and yet it's so hard to muster up the energy and motivation sometimes!

    Jonathan | 27th Nov 16 13:46

  4. Zoe at Splodz Blogz's gravatar

    Yes please to hibernation, I think I probably could!

    Zoe at Splodz Blogz | 28th Nov 16 10:12

  5. Ashley Beolens's gravatar

    I maybe alone but I quite like the dark evenings and grey skies, adds to the drama of the day :)

    Ashley Beolens | 28th Nov 16 13:20

  6. Lauren M's gravatar

    I love the winter! Having said that, I could live without the dark and the mud. I think that lots of mini adventures are just as interesting as fully grown ones. Just think, less than a month until the shortest day and then the nights start drawing out :-)

    Lauren M | 28th Nov 16 21:08

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