Yours eyes are not deceiving you, this is indeed a third blog post in as many days.

Regular readers (hi mum) will know that this is basically unheard of.  I've been blogging (on this domain and previous ones) for years and years, but recently things have got a bit neglected, to say the least.

Excuses for lack of updates include:

  • having a million hobbies and not much spare time
  • posting stuff on Twitter or Instagram instead
  • taking far too long to sort through photos, and then no longer feeling it's relevant to write about them
  • generally falling out of the habit
  • being a bit lazy
  • no-one reads it anyway

So when my friend Jem announced her Septemblog Challenge - post every day for an entire month - I figured it might be a decent kick up the arse for me as well.  I'm not convinced I'm going to manage it, but there's only one way to find out.


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  1. Jem's gravatar

    Woop woop! You can do it. You have to do it, I need the moral support from my bestest friends (does that count as emotional blackmail?)

    Jem | 4th Sep 15 10:39

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