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Hopefully I will be moving house in the not to distant future.  In theory this means I'm on a mission to de-clutter so I don't end up moving the same boxes of junk that were untouched last time I moved (3.5 years ago).

In reality, it's slow progress.  Several bags of clothes have gone to the charity shop, yet my wardrobe looks just as full. 

Today, I gave my desk a quick tidy.  Again, it doesn't look much different.  bah.

desk tidy before and after

Whenever I tidy my 'office' I'm always amazed at how much excess stationery I find.  It's usually the same stuff, so either I never throw it out, or I'm bad at learning lessons not to keep buying it.  Today's main offenders:

  • Post it notes - these are definitely many years old, and quite a few are now in the bin
  • Novelty paper clips - a pot of stars, and a pot of lightbulbs.  I think I've used 2 paperclips in the last year..
  • Notebooks - I have a tendency to start using a note book, then either misplace it or buy a different/prettier/smaller/bigger one and start on that instead.

I give it two weeks until the desk vanishes under a pile of crap again.



  1. Jem's gravatar

    I like the little elephants print - where did you get it?

    Jem | 4th Sep 15 18:39

  2. Katy's gravatar

    it's an "art card" from IKEA!

    Katy | 4th Sep 15 18:42

  3. Aisling's gravatar

    I'm excited to get a desk... so I can have another surface to clutter up. :D

    Aisling | 4th Sep 15 21:34

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