I took this photo a couple of weeks ago before heading out for a run, to show how my funky new running leggings clash with my shoes.  And our newly block paved driveway.


That was the last time I ran.  I had to cut my run short and limp home because the gentle ache in my left shin that I'd been ignoring for a few weeks suddenly got a lot worse and turned into a stabby pain.  Roughly where that badly doodled black X is.  Ouch.

Dr Google convinced me it was either a shin splint or a stress fracture, and it turns out the actual doctor/physio agrees.  I've avoided having to go for any diagnostic scans as it had already started feeling better by my first appointment (after four days of rest).

I've had two physio sessions now, involving some evil calf massaging on both legs.  Apparently my muscles were very tight, so potentially causing extra strain in other places.  I hadn't suddenly changed running frequency, technique, or speed and my shoes aren't badly worn, so this has probably been building up for a while.

I'm now on a regime of stretches several times a day, and avoiding high impact exercise.  I never thought I'd miss going for a run!  I've had to resort to swimming, though I was pleased to discover last weekend that road cycling doesn't seem to cause any pain.

There are two important lessons I should learn from this:

  1. don't ignore niggly pains in the hope that they'll go away
  2. when people say stretching is important, listen!

Sadly this means I'll be missing out on Gloucester 10k this year.   I'm aiming to find another race later in the year when I'm up and running (groan) again, so watch this space...



  1. Mark Barrett's gravatar

    I used to get this everytime I went on a long walk, but it hasn't happened now for a good few years. What type of stretches should I be doing to keep it that way? My shin was quite painful for a few days after my last walk, and my calf muscles are normally very tight for a week. I can still feel it a bit now and I'm supposed to be doing 50 miles tomorrow. Any tips? Hope you're back to normal soon and back out running!

    Mark Barrett | 30th Jun 17 8:33

  2. Sarah Irving | The Urban Wanderer's gravatar

    Ouch! Glad you're on the mend now though, Katy. Funny you should mention about ignoring niggly pains - I'll phone the GP this afternoon, I promise! Sorry to hear that you're missing out on the 10K, but better to be in your best condition.
    PS: I do love a punny joke! :D

    Sarah Irving | The Urban Wanderer | 30th Jun 17 9:15

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