The Wrekin

As a small detour on my way to Shrewsbury for Jem's 30th party, I decided to walk up the Wrekin and bag my first trig point of the year.  I knew my timings would mean sunset from the top, but I was lucky enough to get some good golden hour light too (not really what you expect in January, but I'm definitely not complaining!)

trig point on top of the Wrekin
with the now decommissioned Ironbridge power station in the background

I mean, just look at this.  Completely unedited.  Thanks very much to the random people and dog for standing in just about the right place.

trig point silhouette

The other 'thing' to the right of the trig point and people is a toposcope.

Other than being steep, it's an easy walk.  Just off the M54, big free car park, and a wide, easy to follow path.  Despite it being a Friday afternoon in early January, I passed quite a few other walkers and runners.  Other things spotted en route - a soft drink vending machine.  Not what I expect to see half way up a hill!

I was going to return to the car via a different route, going around the side rather than back over the top but as I descended (again quite steep) I was aware that it was getting dark and I had no idea what state the other footpath would be in.

So I decided against the risk of dodgy/overgrown path and instead turned round to retrace my steps up and over.  Out and back is never as good as a nice loop, but in this case far preferable to potentially getting lost in a bog or something!



  1. Stuart Forster's gravatar

    That's a lovely photo of people silhouetted against the golden sky.

    Stuart Forster | 5th Apr 16 10:49

  2. Emma - Hip2trek's gravatar

    Amazing photo and how lucky to get the couple and the dog in the shot. I don't think I would have been brave enough to try another path in the dark either. Random drinks machine, brilliant!

    Emma - Hip2trek | 31st Jan 17 11:17

  3. Howellsey's gravatar

    There's something very satisfying about coming to the top of a hill and finding a trig point! I love them :-)

    Howellsey | 31st Jan 17 14:46

  4. Annette, Four Acorns's gravatar

    Lovely silhouette, very atmospheric picture. It's funny, I often find that the short winter days provide plenty of golden hour opportunities.
    As for the vending machine, it's taking it too far - I would hate to see that on a hiking trail!
    Looking forward to following your adventures :)

    Annette, Four Acorns | 1st Feb 17 18:25

  5. Jonathan's gravatar

    Lovely - and a great photo, as the others have said.

    Jonathan | 1st Feb 17 21:45

  6. Lauren M's gravatar

    Great photos! Don't think I've ever come across a vending machine before-will keep an eye out in future!

    Lauren M | 2nd Feb 17 20:22

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