a slightly geeky christmas

As an early christmas present to myself, I've bought a second Raspberry Pi and a UnicornHat to play with (as my original model B doesn't have enough pins).  I went for an A+, and couldn't possibly comment on rumours that this was simply due to the coupé case being purple...

Anyway, what can you display on an 8x8 grid?  Lots of stuff. How about a snowman:

Or a christmas tree with flashing lights, which sat on the dinner table and then mantelpiece, and happily ran for many hours off dad's portable power bank.  Technology is great!

The light logic isn't going to win... continue reading »

Oh Christmas Tree

I actually bought a Christmas tree.  Clearly getting soft in my old age - though I still have very little excitement for anything xmas related, other than overeating.

It's black (bah humbug etc), skinny and 'pop up' - ie it's just a spiral of fake tree.  Came pre-decorated and pre-lit - but I've removed several hideous baubles, and swapped the harsh blue LEDs for some nicer warm white ones.

And I've added a few of my own decorations, though there wasn't really much space! Some holographic stars and mirror music notes from Ikea, a silver bead chain (instead of manky tinsel), and... continue reading »

Festive overeating

Christmas strikes again.  As usual, I am not feeling at all festive or excited about it.  It's also about 20° warmer than it was this time last year, and obviously no snow, so it doesn't "look like xmas" either.  Quite why everyone thinks it should be snowy is a bit beyond me anyway, given that this is the UK and that rarely ever happens...

A week off work is always good though - now all I have to do is finalise which days I'm doing which exciting things on (climbing, kayaking, etc etc) and actually decide New Year plans.

But anyway, I... continue reading »

Tis the Season

...and all that.

I've finished work for the year :)  Apparently since the end of June I've managed to take just one single day of holiday, so I'm probably due a break!

Presents are all bought and wrapped up, I've made (and scoffed) a lot of mince pies, and currently cooling in my kitchen is a mincemeat and marzipan tealoaf.  yum yum.

Christmas shopping has been a bit of a dangerous one this year. As well as sucessfully buying all required presents, I seem to have treated myself to quite a few bits and bobs.  A book, some poi, and today I mostly-accidentally... continue reading »

Christmas, New Year, etc

Ahh, it's 2009.  Apparently this is something new and exciting, just because the number's changed.  Right.

Let's sum up the last two weeks in handy bullet point form.

Christmas Eve.  An exciting 'night out' in Monmouth to catch up with school friends.
There was a queue for spoons.  Let's write that again, because it's that ridiculous:  a queue to get into wetherspoons.  yes.  madness. Christmas Day.  Family stuff, and lots of food. Boxing Day.  Got bored and dyed my hair.  With henna, so it's an interesting shade of fiery orange.  Or ginger, if you prefer. Saturday.  Delivered a fridge to Ironbridge, and prodded Jem's cats/guinea pigs This... continue reading »

The Festive Chicken!

I've put my decorations up. This is really not a big deal, as I have 6 of them and I only fished them out of their usual hiding place because I was bored. Plus only two of them are even remotely 'christmassy' (a snowman and a reindeer). The rest are, well, rubbish. That thing in the photo is not-so-lovingly referred to as 'festive chicken', for the simple reason that it really isn't.

Of course there is a reason behind me owning these things, which involves well meaning people giving me accessorize vouchers. I hate that shop! Full of overpriced crap, and... continue reading »