Walking in the Black Mountains

I'm currently recovering from two days of hiking in the Black Mountains :)  Nice and relaxing, but I'm rather tired now.

photo from Black Mountains weekend

Most of my scouting memories of walking around the Black Mountains/Brecon Beacons involve lots of cloud and rain.  Luckily this weekend was beautiful.  No rain, not too hot or hazy and a nice cool breeze.  Lovely :)  Unsurprisingly I took loads of photos, but I'm not so great at taking really impressive landscape shots so they didn't all get uploaded, heh...

My new boots appear to be rather good at repelling mud.  This is slightly annoying but probably a good thing really... New rucksack, on the other hand.  Went to fill the water pouch bit up on Saturday morning and discovered it has a tiny hole in.  bah.  This does explain why the bottom of my bag got wet the last (and first) time I used it..  I'd put that down to a mixture of sweat and rain, but obviously not.  So that means another trip to Merry Hell to take it back and get one with no holes in.  oh joy.  Slightly worried about how I can cope with a not-entirely-full 17 litre rucksack when other people are having trouble fitting everything into a 35l though.

Thought I'd be unable to move my legs today but apart from slight knee ache (stupid downhills) they're actually not complaining at all. Or at least they weren't until I went trampolining this evening and have probably pulled a muscle a little bit.  ouch.  I'd like to say I did it whilst attempting something very complicated but that would be a very big lie...


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    We went ice skating...

    Heidi broke her ankle.

    Mark | 10th Jul 07 19:39

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