but I can count on my fingers!

One eighth of 32 is... uhhh?  Really though, how are people that stupid?  Actually, they're probably not - a survey of 2000 ITV viewers is not a representative sample of anything and statistics are crap and easily manipulated and should probably never be listened to.  ever.

And whilst I'm thinking about it...  1 in 14?  from 2000 people?  yeah, that's a nice round number.  Same as all those stupid shampoo adverts: "90% (of 142 people) say their hair is shinier".  Oh really, do they now?  Best not to get into the 'science' of how you can measure shininess, or the other sneaky lies in those adverts (shampoo+conditioner vs normal shampoo...) because I'll just end up ranting about it even more.

I've not been writing much recently..  Partly because the last few weeks have been quite busy - my brother graduated, which was a few days of fun chaos.  But aww, I'm quite proud of him for some daft reason :)


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