I moved house

Not entirely my decision - my landlord decided to sell up, which will probably take several more months but I couldn't be arsed to hang around waiting to be turfed out.

Plus I managed to find somewhere nice quite quickly.  As lovely as my old flat was my housing needs have changed a lot in the last 3 years.  The new place has a garage (no more kayak in the living room!), gas central heating (mm, warmth), and walls that aren't paper thin (so hopefully no more being woken up by out of tune singing from neighbours).  Oh, and windows that... continue reading »

flat viewings are getting annoying

The lettings agents dealing with the flat are starting to annoy me now.  The last week has been a constant stream of phone calls and people turning up, which is fair enough.

But urgh, I sort of feel like they're starting to take the piss a little bit.  I've had 4 lots of people round so far, and another two due on the next two evenings. And despite various promises, only once has one of their staff turned up to do the viewing (and that's a bit of a saga in itself).  If they'd said to start with that I'd have... continue reading »

I own far too much rubbish

and really I am starting to think that I should stop trying to 'sort through it' and just chuck the whole lot away.

Everyday things are fine and necessary, obviously.  The problem is various boxes of "stuff" - not particularly junky stuff, because I threw a load of that out last time I moved.  Things that are useful, and it would be a waste to just chuck out because I will need them eventually...

Interesting finds from today's dig through the boxes in my study:

loads of notepads/pens/pencils/etcglow sticksbig envelope full of gig tickets5 unused pritt sticks (overkill much?)at least 3 packs of... continue reading »

Cats and Chocolate. what more could a girl need?

I have somehow found myself with not much to do this weekend, so following a very long and lazy lie in, I went for a wander around Ludlow. 

And came back with a new cat.  I have another cat ornament in the same style, that one's smaller and blue and in a silly pose and is actually one of my favourite random house decorations :)  So I couldn't resist buying this one to join it. It's a bit more fragile and, er, rustic, but only cost me £1.25 so that's ok, heh.

Perhaps more importantly, I finally found the chocolate shop in... continue reading »

washing machine!

My washing machine arrived today.  This is a very dull and boring grown up thing.  Even worse that I've spent much of the day waiting for it saying "oooh washing machine yay" at random intervals to anyone who'll listen...  This does now mean that the flat is 'complete' in terms of huge items of essential furniture though.  And I own all of it! (or will when I write my mum a huge cheque anyway).

So yes, it beeps and makes funny noises and has buttons and lights and complicated things that I don't understand.  But it will clean my socks... continue reading »

Broadband should not be this difficult

I arrived at my parents' house this afternoon armed with a load of washing, a car in desperate need of a good wash, and most importantly, some flowers for mum for mother's day.  This officially makes me the Best Daughter Ever :)  yay.  It has since been pointed out that I have never given her flowers before..  oh well.

I've been having some fun with ISPs this week...

the short story is that my broadband is now on order and should be activated by the end of next week.
the long story involves much more ranting :)

My old isp was EFH. ... continue reading »