I own far too much rubbish

and really I am starting to think that I should stop trying to 'sort through it' and just chuck the whole lot away.

Everyday things are fine and necessary, obviously.  The problem is various boxes of "stuff" - not particularly junky stuff, because I threw a load of that out last time I moved.  Things that are useful, and it would be a waste to just chuck out because I will need them eventually...

Interesting finds from today's dig through the boxes in my study:

  • loads of notepads/pens/pencils/etc
  • glow sticks
  • big envelope full of gig tickets
  • 5 unused pritt sticks (overkill much?)
  • at least 3 packs of post it notes
  • my calculator! (been looking for this for a while now)
  • bag of perfume samples
  • vast numbers of postcards/posters/etc that used to be stuck on various walls
  • roll of used but unprocessed film.  I have no idea what's on it...
  • large pot of cable ties and dead elastic bands

I've filled one huge bag of paper for recycling, and half filled a normal bin bag..  Yet there is no obvious sign that I've got any less stuff!  Annoying.

Even worse is that my parents have requested I go and sort out the junk in my bedroom there, to make room for some of my current stuff.  That really will be bad, because that's where all the crap I accumulated when I was younger is.  Sentimental reasons aside though, most of that stuff hasn't been touched for at least five years so will probably just be binned.  Quite when, I don't know...
Really do need to go back over to Selly Oak fairly soon and figure out if my bookcase/shelves/chair/etc are going to fit in my room or not. hmm.

Packing etc is rubbish and boring and unfulfilling.  Doesn't help that the BBC are on their "great outdoors" season of programmes which I'm very much enjoying.  Walking and climbing and kayaking and I think some caving too.  yay.  But watching all that kind of makes me want to go and live up a mountain or something.  Get rid of everything and just enjoy the fresh air and the view... possibly not the best idea ever though, hehe
Also I may have been bouldering twice in the last fortnight, heh.  Which is good, because it didn't take very long to remember exactly how much I enjoy it, but a bit bad too because there's still a month or so before uni and club joining and stuff.  meh.



  1. Amelie's gravatar

    Glowsticks! XD

    Amelie | 18th Aug 07 17:54

  2. Katy's gravatar

    I know!!! I should really use them, I've had them stashed away for at least 3 years :|

    Katy | 19th Aug 07 15:35

  3. geek's mum's gravatar

    Sorting out is supposed to allow you to move on with your life. We have had a huge sort out so you can move some of yours to us! Where will we be going? Please don't move up a mountain just yet, your support team would need oxygen to get your household objects up one!

    geek's mum | 20th Aug 07 15:44

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