FIFA rankings

I'm listening to England vs San Marino on the radio, and the commentary just reminded me of something that's amused me this week.

FIFA rankings.  Everyone knows the formula behind them is perhaps not as accurate as it could be, but generally we just ignore that and take it with a large pinch of salt.

Not so much this week.  Why?  Wales are ranked higher than England. Personally, I think this is great.  Wales have improved so much over the last few years, and England, quite frankly, have not.  But why accept facts when you can whinge and complain instead...

My football allegiance... continue reading »

No news

It must be August, as there is no news (apart from random terrorist incidents).
Over the last few weeks I've read about how high heels are bad for you (which is hardly new news), something about french kids getting high on mothballs (which at least made me laugh), some MP saying that diabetes is caused by inbreeding and a load of boring twaddle about various other stuff.

Today though we have the wonderful news that David Beckham has been dropped from the England squad! I've been saying for ages that he's past his best, and although I think dropping him completely... continue reading »

Football Fever

Ahhh, the World Cup :D So much football on the TV.

ITV's coverage is annoying me already. For starters, they've got that long nosed idiot who does the Formula 1 and I don't like him.
Also they have stupid sponsor advert thingies from Budweiser, which make me want to throw things at the telly. Har Har Mr American person, you are not funny. ("World Cup? with more than one country involved?!") Go away.

I listen to Virgin on my way to and from work, so over the last few weeks I've heard nothing but their stupid unoffical football... continue reading »