Football Fever

Ahhh, the World Cup :D So much football on the TV.

ITV's coverage is annoying me already. For starters, they've got that long nosed idiot who does the Formula 1 and I don't like him.
Also they have stupid sponsor advert thingies from Budweiser, which make me want to throw things at the telly. Har Har Mr American person, you are not funny. ("World Cup? with more than one country involved?!") Go away.

I listen to Virgin on my way to and from work, so over the last few weeks I've heard nothing but their stupid unoffical football anthem. Oh sorry, the "people's anthem". It's a big pile of crap.
The official Embrace effort isn't so hot either, but I've only heard that once so it's not annoying me. The bloke out of Sham 69 was moaning about it on the telly the other day, saying it's just a pop song pretending to be something else, blah blah blah. As if his effort is any different - it's a crap punk song with the words changed! Very good...

Nothing beats Three Lions anyway.


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