FIFA rankings

I'm listening to England vs San Marino on the radio, and the commentary just reminded me of something that's amused me this week.

FIFA rankings.  Everyone knows the formula behind them is perhaps not as accurate as it could be, but generally we just ignore that and take it with a large pinch of salt.

Not so much this week.  Why?  Wales are ranked higher than England. Personally, I think this is great.  Wales have improved so much over the last few years, and England, quite frankly, have not.  But why accept facts when you can whinge and complain instead...

My football allegiance is to the east of the border*, but I usually only wish bad results on the other home nations when England are playing them.  And when England are getting knocked out of everything because they're playing like shit, I'll probably be hurling abuse at the TV/radio rather than sulking about how "we woz robbed".  So ladylike.

So yes, the rankings may be based on hearsay and corruption (do not get me started on Sepp Blatter...), but give the Welsh some credit, because they definitely deserve it!  I will certainly be very happy when/if they qualify for Euro 2016.


* rugby goes the other way. Judge me all you want, but I grew up on the border and decisions are difficult. Plus Welsh rugby is a million times nicer to watch, which seems like a good enough reason to me :P


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