popup overkill!

I love broken websites :)

I've ended up on this particular site before (it's some kind of coding tutorial site, which I won't link to for obvious popuppy reasons). Last time it stopped at 359.

Today, however, it's even more broken.  Whenever I move the mouse it tries to spawn a load more popups.  And fails.  But keeps trying anyway, even though it's never going to win.  That number is now up to 3015.

Anyway, I found the bit of javascript that creates this mess.  The 'interesting' bit can be simplified to this:

if (!popupdone) {
    window.onclick = popup();
    window.onmousemove =... continue reading »

Moving Backwards Together

This has to be the most amusing thing I've read over the last few days - Stoke on Trent has its own musical anthem.  No, really.

Then I actually listened to it.  And laughed, a lot.  It's so embarrassingly cheesy and 80s synthy rubbish.  I was too busy giggling to pay much attention to the lyrics, but I think it's probably safe to assume that they're not so great either.

Poor old Stoke.  Although they could always try and enter it in Eurovision or something... 

London 2012 - like bad pink graffiti

So, the 2012 London Olympics logo... I love it! 

In the way that I really hate it, think it is absolutely disgusting and ugly and a massive waste of money (£400k - how? why?!).

First reaction on seeing it at some point yesterday lunchtimeish was an interesting mixture of laughing and disgust.  Seriously?

But apparently it's meant to be aimed at the 'youth' of Britain, quite possibly in the same slightly cringy way that politicians like to think they are 'cool' and 'down with the kids'.  So not at all then...

Not found anyone saying anything good about it yet either, heh. ... continue reading »

lazy bus drivers

There are two takeaways on the other side of the road.  This means that pretty much any time between 1800 and about 2230 there are cars parked on the double yellows (on both sides of the road) because people are far too lazy to walk more than about 5 metres to get their chips.

I find this slightly amusing, partly because they're all lazy fat bastards (spaces just a little bit down the road...), and partly because of the very bad driving/parking that goes on.  Pulling out across the road in front of other traffic?  Not a problem.  You'd think they'd... continue reading »

animals 2-0 humans

Heh, how great is Shropshire?  Going by the current bbc news for the county, it's full of violent animals seeking to cause pain to humans:

This amuses me greatly.  I'm in Wales at the moment, but when I get back I'll be steering clear of any angry looking sheep, just in case.


Can you 'bah humbug' about Halloween? Good :)

Absolutely bratty kids begging for sweets this year, which was a nice change! And no minichavs egging the house either - possibly because they were all too busy skateboarding around Somerfield in Ludlow with baskets full of eggs and flour...

Last year, when I was living in Newcastle, the house got egged. A lot. Eggs do not make a nice noise when they smash against windows :s I think we possibly had one lot of kids knocking on the door, but they got ignored.
In 2004 the mad crazy alcoholic... continue reading »

Smoke Free!

We're moving house this weekend. Again. We have managed to stay in this current house for (just) over a year, which is a bit of a milestone. If nothing else it means I won't have to cough up silly money to Pipex for cancelling the broadband. They refunded it last time because we signed up with them again, but I think this time we'll find someone else cheaper.

This was a little leaflet thing we picked up whilst in Hampshire the other week. I think it's great, and probably would leave it in a nasty... continue reading »