One of my days in Luxembourg was filled with a trip to Clervaux.  This started well when I got to the railway station to find that there were works on the line, so I'd have to get a rail replacement bus as far as Ettelbruck.  But as it wasn't the UK, the bus turned up in the right place at the right time and all was well.  Ooh, and the train from Ettelbruck was a double decker!

There isn't a huge amount in Clervaux - a castle, a church, a toy museum and the usual shops/cafés.  I was there on a... continue reading »

Luxembourg City

At the end of June I had a long weekend in Luxembourg, because small European countries are cool and it gave me another excuse to practise speaking French.

First up, here is a view from the Chemin de la Corniche, looking over the Old Town/Grund area of the city.  Very pretty!  This was taken as I was following the signposted Wenzel Walk, which I combined with the City Promenade (not signposted, but leaflets for both are available from tourist information) to spend a morning walking around most of the city.

Unsurprisingly for a city built around two deep river gorges, there are... continue reading »