I dislike the phrase "extreme sports"

If I hear the phrase "extreme kayaking" mentioned again this week I am going to start hitting things.  Yes, some people ran the Llyn Brianne spillway. Wow.  Not like that's never been done before, and it's hardly the first time anyone's put photos/video of it on the internet either...

Actually I'm more annoyed by all the idiots who immediately react with "oh, extreme sports should be banned beause they're dangerous and the NHS has to pay when someone injures themselves blah blah blah waste of taxpayer money blah blah".  Ahem.  Ever heard of insurance?  Oh, apparently that only exists for skiing (surely equally risky, but a more socially acceptable activity so that's ok then).  Stupid arguement.

I quite like climbing up walls and floating down rivers etc.  Yes, there are risks - but I accept that, because it's fun.  And besides, I'm far too much of a wuss to do anything really scary (like that spillway).

Hardly front page news.  And whilst I'm ranting about that, neither is some one pulling out of some boring dance competition.  Oh look, the world is still turning!

er, anyway...

I am not loving the 40 minute commute and early mornings that having a normal job again requires :(  Got a few rental properties to view, so hopefully that commute will be drastically reduced soon!

I don't usually mind driving, as long as I have loud rock music to accompany me :)  But it's much less fun when you're stuck behind something slow moving on a windy road with few safe overtaking spots.  Lorries, learners, idiots who drive at 40 no matter what the speed limit...
But the worst so far was a Reliant Robin.  I didn't think anyone still drove those, but then again this is the Forest...  Obviously that car and sharp corners do not mix, so it was slowing to about 10 or 15mph every few hundred metres.  urgh.



  1. Jim's gravatar

    Extreme Katy... :P 'Floating down rivers' sounds a little dodgy, as if you weren't using a boat.

    I've been getting stuck behind those idiots too. Annoying when you finally get round they start trying to overtake you back in a 30 mph area...

    Jim | 21st Nov 08 7:04

  2. Katy's gravatar

    sometimes I find myself floating down rivers without a boat... hmm

    Katy | 21st Nov 08 15:46

  3. Jim's gravatar

    You might want to avoid that in the future ;)

    Jim | 23rd Nov 08 10:48

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