smells like river

Ah, my parents must love having me around. The past two weekends I've taken over their nice clean (well, it used to be) bath/shower and filled it with wet muddy smelly kayaking kit. yay! And then left it there for several days to dry. It wouldn't all fit in one photo which makes it look less impressive, but nevermind:

dry trousers and cag in the shower
BA and boots in the bath

Not pictured: helmet, large dry bag and pile of thermals, last seen somewhere on top of the freezer. Also several smaller drybags that were in the kitchen somewhere but I think have now been moved...

Actually last weekend wasn't too bad, because I'd managed to stay upright the whole time. Unlike the weekend before, which involved a roll and two swims. Over lots of rocks. ahem. More of that here - I'm trying to keep my blog from becoming totally padding obsessed, or it'll get even more boring :P


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  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    The amazing thing is that this girl is hoping to live in a ONE bedroomed flat. There will be no room for visitors!

    geek's mum | 27th Nov 08 10:06

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