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walking past swans

I went walkies yesterday :)  10 miles of mostly flat up in North Shropshire (Prees/Whixall ish).  Nice day out actually - and I'm quite glad it was yesterday and not today, silly weather!

Would anyone be surprised to hear that I went out in shorts?  I guess not, hehe.  This slightly backfired as there were stinging nettles and things, but I survived with just a few scratches and a couple of bites of some variety.  Need to invest in a pair of those trousers that zips off into shorts I think.  New hobby yay (or more correctly, rediscovered old hobby) :D

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Keele vs. the internet

so, Keele's in the news again today.  This time because someone vaguely high-up has taken offence at students saying not-entirely-positive things about the uni on Facebook.  Shock horror! :o

OK, so having a group called "so and so is a twat" probably isn't the nicest thing to do, so I can almost see their point on this, but sending an email to all students about it, and threatening a code of practice is a little bit over the top perhaps.

Also, Facebook is full of completely stupid and pointless groups (heh, I'm a few) and there's a whole system there for reporting... continue reading »

"do you have any ID?"

I got IDed (how do you spell that?) again today.

Given that I will be 23 in a month's time, this is almost annoying. Actually I don't really mind, because it doesn't happen that often and it is just them doing their job with the "if you look under 21" thing.  If I thought it was because I looked under 18 I would be upset.

But urgh, it's the way they do it.  Last week at whatever club in Hanley, that's fine because they simply asked, looked, then said ok and that was it.  But today in Somerfield the woman was really... continue reading »