"do you have any ID?"

I got IDed (how do you spell that?) again today.

Given that I will be 23 in a month's time, this is almost annoying. Actually I don't really mind, because it doesn't happen that often and it is just them doing their job with the "if you look under 21" thing.  If I thought it was because I looked under 18 I would be upset.

But urgh, it's the way they do it.  Last week at whatever club in Hanley, that's fine because they simply asked, looked, then said ok and that was it.  But today in Somerfield the woman was really fussy and slow and obvious about it.

I only went in for cereal and bread.  But they had some reduced 4 packs of Quinns and I really like that and ooh bargain (£2.89!).  Get to the till, wait a few minutes while the cashier finishes some big long gossipy sounding chat with the person in front, and then in some weird and slightly slow motion way watch as she looks me over a few times and eventually decides that maybe she should check my age...  This is after scanning the stuff and putting it in a bag (incidently, it does not take two carrier bags to pack 3 items).

Then she peers over the top of her glasses at my driving licence - "eighty four...?" yes.  Eventually she decides that that's ok, and launches into some speech... "oh, my daughter is a year older than you and she gets asked for ID all the time, isn't it annoying? ha ha ha.  but then she hardly wears any make up you know so that probably explains it and isn't it better than people just assuming that you're old enough..."

It must be something about Somerfield.  This is quite similar to the woman in the Somerfield in Ilfracombe last June (the day before my birthday!) who was almost equally annoying about it.  But I was fairly arsey then (not on purpose), whereas today I managed a fake smile and laugh and some sort of polite reply.


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