Keele vs. the internet

so, Keele's in the news again today.  This time because someone vaguely high-up has taken offence at students saying not-entirely-positive things about the uni on Facebook.  Shock horror! :o

OK, so having a group called "so and so is a twat" probably isn't the nicest thing to do, so I can almost see their point on this, but sending an email to all students about it, and threatening a code of practice is a little bit over the top perhaps.

Also, Facebook is full of completely stupid and pointless groups (heh, I'm a few) and there's a whole system there for reporting offensive things etc.

Stupid Keele.  Slagging off the uni/staff/corrupt VC/general lack of interest in anything apart from money is nothing new.  There can't be many people who've survived studying at Keele and have never had bad thoughts about it.  Or probably any other uni out there...

kerching! government grants, new med school... but oh no, we can't possibly have a physics/chemistry department any more because it doesn't make enough cash - let's replace it with forensics because that's a "cool" subject.  And hey, let's give Janet Finch a ridiculously huge payrise and then sack lots of other staff because we can't afford to employ them...

Oh look.  I'm saying bad things about my old uni!  And on the internet as well!  None of that stuff is anything new that I haven't frequently discussed with my mates over the last few years.  I mean, come on, I've talked to members of staff who have, shall we say, expressed their dissatisfaction about the way the place is run... Sending stroppy emails and drawing up 'rules' for use of facebook etc isn't going to stop people talking about Keele.  In fact, it's probably backfired a bit because now everyone's on about it.  Freedom of speech?  hah.

Despite all that, I am still rather fond of the place :) 


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  1. Dad's gravatar

    Welcome to the real world . This sort of warning goes out every day in most large firms. It normally means that they have someone in mind but rules say they cannot do or prove anything . However if that person continues then they have the ammunition do something. Trouble is it makes the whole community fell guilty

    Dad | 25th May 07 14:46

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