walking past swans

I went walkies yesterday :)  10 miles of mostly flat up in North Shropshire (Prees/Whixall ish).  Nice day out actually - and I'm quite glad it was yesterday and not today, silly weather!

Would anyone be surprised to hear that I went out in shorts?  I guess not, hehe.  This slightly backfired as there were stinging nettles and things, but I survived with just a few scratches and a couple of bites of some variety.  Need to invest in a pair of those trousers that zips off into shorts I think.  New hobby yay (or more correctly, rediscovered old hobby) :D

swans on the canal

Part of the walk was alongside the canal, which was quite interesting as we got to see some of the lifty-uppy bridges (I realise they probably have a more sensible name than that) and also on a disused bit of canal, some swans.  And baby swans.  Then more swans and cygnets actually on the towpath a little bit further on. Evil creatures...

Bit achey today, and there's a few weirdly positioned blisters on my feet.  Ah well.



  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    oooh aaah ugly ducklings!

    geek's mum | 29th May 07 16:14

  2. Katy's gravatar

    saw some of those too actually

    Katy | 29th May 07 20:23

  3. Amelie's gravatar

    Ooh. Date text is a bit small... *Squints*

    Amelie | 29th May 07 20:31

  4. JaNuS's gravatar

    Didn't you used to be scared of swans?

    (its a bascule bridge)

    JaNuS | 1st Jun 07 16:47

  5. Katy's gravatar

    not scared... it was just that one at Slimbridge that bit my fingers when I tried to give it food. ungrateful creature!

    Katy | 1st Jun 07 16:57

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