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flat viewings are getting annoying

The lettings agents dealing with the flat are starting to annoy me now.  The last week has been a constant stream of phone calls and people turning up, which is fair enough.

But urgh, I sort of feel like they're starting to take the piss a little bit.  I've had 4 lots of people round so far, and another two due on the next two evenings. And despite various promises, only once has one of their staff turned up to do the viewing (and that's a bit of a saga in itself).  If they'd said to start with that I'd have... continue reading »

I own far too much rubbish

and really I am starting to think that I should stop trying to 'sort through it' and just chuck the whole lot away.

Everyday things are fine and necessary, obviously.  The problem is various boxes of "stuff" - not particularly junky stuff, because I threw a load of that out last time I moved.  Things that are useful, and it would be a waste to just chuck out because I will need them eventually...

Interesting finds from today's dig through the boxes in my study:

loads of notepads/pens/pencils/etcglow sticksbig envelope full of gig tickets5 unused pritt sticks (overkill much?)at least 3 packs of... continue reading »

dreams and candles and boring things

Ooh look, a weird dream.  I was climbing, only the wall looked suspiciously similar to the changing rooms in Newcastle swimming pool and all the other people there looked like the twins out of Matrix Reloaded, but with blue or green hair.  Also, it was about 3 in the morning and very dark (not that there were any windows so you could tell).

However I think the most unrealistic part was that I was actually good at it.  In reality, I am hideously out of practice and wasn't that good in the first place, heh.  We'll see... 

Apart from that, this weekend... continue reading »