dreams and candles and boring things

Ooh look, a weird dream.  I was climbing, only the wall looked suspiciously similar to the changing rooms in Newcastle swimming pool and all the other people there looked like the twins out of Matrix Reloaded, but with blue or green hair.  Also, it was about 3 in the morning and very dark (not that there were any windows so you could tell).

However I think the most unrealistic part was that I was actually good at it.  In reality, I am hideously out of practice and wasn't that good in the first place, heh.  We'll see... 

Apart from that, this weekend I have finished destroying some candles and am currently confusing myself by looking at mobile phone tariffs.  Annoyingly the joystick on my phone is getting quite close to being unusable (common problem apparently, and it is two years old now), and as I am very very low on credit I either need to buy a new phone now-ish, or top this one up and hope it can survive for a bit longer.  hmm.  One the one hand, ooh shiny new gadget, but really I probably shouldn't...

It's lovely and sunny, I feel I should be outside appreciating it, but I'm not because as usual there is nowhere to go and nothing to do and I probably should be cleaning or washing up or something equally boring.  bah. 



  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    clean whilst you dream, and drive away the boredom

    geek's mum | 5th Aug 07 12:53

  2. geek's mum's gravatar

    perhaps it means that you are climbing out of place of sameness into higher things

    geek's mum | 5th Aug 07 12:56

  3. Katy's gravatar

    if we ignore my tendency to fall off climbing walls, then perhaps...

    Katy | 5th Aug 07 13:04

  4. Mark's gravatar

    don't go out in the sun.....

    i went out yesterday, ended up with a black eye, swelling on my cheekbones and a bloody nose, not to mention my glasses are now broken in half :(

    Mark | 6th Aug 07 3:56

  5. Iain's gravatar


    Iain | 6th Aug 07 11:59

  6. Mark's gravatar

    involving a football and an incredibly hard shoulder. (i wasn't on the motorway btw)

    Mark | 8th Aug 07 11:06

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