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Should have gone somewhere other than Specsavers

Part who-knows-what in the continuing saga of my eyesight...

I went for a contact lens checkup in May, because my old ones were useless - I could see through them, but not anything close up. Like computer screens, books, TV, road signs...  There was some faff getting my records from the Ludlow branch, but that's ok.

So they went off to order the new lenses in, and I heard no more about it.  Chased them up (earlier this month), and they claimed to have no record of me ever going in, and generally sounded quite confused.  I explained I was waiting for... continue reading »

why bloated websites are bad

Oooh, I'm annoyed.  Very annoyed.

This afternoon was a chance to buy an awesome new domain name. Admittedly, I only found this out because Jem told me half an hour beforehand, but nevermind.

Anyway, one spur of the moment decision later, I'm navigating my way through excessive amounts of bloat on the GoDaddy website.  Seriously, white space is not a bad thing.  You do not need to cram that much information/pictures/crap into such a small space, it makes it impossible to find anything...

Eventually I got through far too many screens of "do you want any other domains?" "do you want hosting?"... continue reading »

Moving and rolling

The last few weeks have been busy.  But, despite:

moving house (so - packing, cleaning, driving all over Birmingham, unpacking, etc)actually doing some uni workhacking the firmware on my camera (more on that at a later date) and playing around with photo editingjoining various 'trendy' websites (twitter? eww.  better.)

I have managed to find time to go paddling.  Phew. (I do have other hobbies, honest!)

Last weekend was the annual BUKC Bude surf trip - apparently famed for never having any surf.  Not this time!  There was surf, and we had fun in it!  Until I swam and twisted my ankle,... continue reading »