why bloated websites are bad

Oooh, I'm annoyed.  Very annoyed.

This afternoon was a chance to buy an awesome new domain name. Admittedly, I only found this out because Jem told me half an hour beforehand, but nevermind.

Anyway, one spur of the moment decision later, I'm navigating my way through excessive amounts of bloat on the GoDaddy website.  Seriously, white space is not a bad thing.  You do not need to cram that much information/pictures/crap into such a small space, it makes it impossible to find anything...

Eventually I got through far too many screens of "do you want any other domains?" "do you want hosting?" "are you sure you don't want hosting?" "do you want any of these other pointless extras?" "no really, are you sure?" and coughed up my money.  Yay.

Only now I've just got an email saying the registration failed, because the domain name in question has already been registered :'(.  

So yeah, thanks GoDaddy.  If I hadn't had to waste an extra 10 minutes clicking through ten tons of crap it could have been mine, but because of you and your shitty bloated slow website I've missed out.  Bastards!  At least this means they won't be getting any money off me...



  1. Rose's gravatar

    What WAS the domain name in question? Now you've got me all curious!

    Bloat and having a hard time finding things is one of the reason why I'm not a fan of the newer versions of Vox. It'd be so cool if I didn't have to spend sixty seconds looking for a certain section.

    (And everyone keeps talking about godaddy and the .me domains, but I got an email from netfirms saying that they were offering them as well. What's up with this?)

    Rose | 18th Jul 08 11:42

  2. Jim's gravatar

    Reveal all! We want the domain name! Otherwise you can expect a worthless internet petition with millions of spam signatures.

    On happy note Rose's comment about .me domains made me check if I could get my name (the most popular name in web existence...) and jamesmorris.org had expired! Its mine now, nyah nah!

    Jim | 18th Jul 08 12:13

  3. Amelie's gravatar

    Haha I know what the domain was (easy to guess, really). Don't care about the .me hype to be quite honest but godaddy are a bit crap for letting that happen. Lots of people have had that problem with them, just visit nodaddy.com for a taster.

    Amelie | 18th Jul 08 16:04

  4. Katy's gravatar

    it was katy.me, rather predictably... see how awesome that would have been?! bah

    Katy | 18th Jul 08 16:45

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