Should have gone somewhere other than Specsavers

Part who-knows-what in the continuing saga of my eyesight...

I went for a contact lens checkup in May, because my old ones were useless - I could see through them, but not anything close up. Like computer screens, books, TV, road signs...  There was some faff getting my records from the Ludlow branch, but that's ok.

So they went off to order the new lenses in, and I heard no more about it.  Chased them up (earlier this month), and they claimed to have no record of me ever going in, and generally sounded quite confused.  I explained I was waiting for a trial of new lenses to come in, blah blah.  So eventually I get an appointment booked (with a two week wait!).

That comes around, and as I'd figured after dealing with the confused phone woman, they'd ordered me the wrong lenses.  Another box of the old crap ones.  Still no record of me having the checkup, but they'd also got the right lenses waiting for me.  Who knows.

Anyway, I got on with the new lenses fine (various reasons involving the word 'astigmatism' meant there was a chance they wouldn't work), but have now decided I want monthlies rather than dailies.  So I rang up and explained that.  Once again, the receptionist didn't really seem to grasp what I was on about.

So, I go in yesterday.  Wait around for a bit, then my appointment went something very much like this:

"so, what can I do for you today? how have you got on with the new lenses?"
"yup, they're fine... but I want the monthlies rather than dailies"
"ah... right.  Well there wasn't much point you coming in today, it seems no-one's ordered the lenses in. Sorry"


Stupid summer heat means my car is doing a rather good impression of an oven at the moment. So a completely pointless drive across Birmingham (plus pay and display parking) was just what I could have done without.


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