Moving and rolling

The last few weeks have been busy.  But, despite:

  • moving house (so - packing, cleaning, driving all over Birmingham, unpacking, etc)
  • actually doing some uni work
  • hacking the firmware on my camera (more on that at a later date) and playing around with photo editing
  • joining various 'trendy' websites (twitter? eww.  better.)

I have managed to find time to go paddling.  Phew. (I do have other hobbies, honest!)

Last weekend was the annual BUKC Bude surf trip - apparently famed for never having any surf.  Not this time!  There was surf, and we had fun in it!  Until I swam and twisted my ankle, anyway.  oops.  But it's ok because I did have a very yummy ice cream afterwards.

Yesterday I did the Lower Tryweryn, which was good :) Two words to best describe the trip: rocky and swimmy.  With some correlation - Katy does something daft like paddling into a rock and inevitably ends up upside down.  Anyway, the actual number of swims is unimportant right now, because I was trying to roll (difficult to do when you're trying to roll up into a rock...) and eventually I did successfully roll back up :D  Not done that on moving water before!  woo.

It's quite possible that everyone I know has already been informed of this triumph by now.  But I'd also like to add that my dry trousers were a very good investment, even if I did empty about 5 pints of water out of them when we got off the river...

Possibly coming up in the not-too-distant future - rants about Specsavers, Twitter and linux/MIDI/Java issues.


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