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more swimming

I've taken up swimming again.  To clarify, that's in a swimming pool, rather than rivers :P A year (or so) of uni has got in the way of my old routine of going every week, but I've got the time and money again now, so yeah.

Did 40 lengths last week, and 60 this.  Ideally working my way back up to doing 80 (2km) at a time, and hopefully I can find a time to go when it's not insanely busy and full of children/slow moving OAPs.

Several points of note though:

it's probably time to invest in a new swimming costume swimming is... continue reading »

mmm, pistachios

This is the result of my evening so far:

A glass full of pistachio shells.  Yum yum.  Nuts are healthy, right?

how can a bus be an atheist?

In the news again this week - the Atheist Bus Campaign.  Posters on buses (and the tube, etc), in reaction to some especially preachy adverts from religious idiots telling people that they'd burn in hell if they didn't go to church.  Or something, I wasn't really paying much attention...

Now, I don't consider myself an atheist.  I'm not religious, I don't believe in any higher beings etc etc.  But people don't go round defining themselves according to whether they believe in the tooth fairy, do they?  The whole concept strikes me as being somewhat counter-productive.

So I wasn't really planning on mentioning... continue reading »

Christmas, New Year, etc

Ahh, it's 2009.  Apparently this is something new and exciting, just because the number's changed.  Right.

Let's sum up the last two weeks in handy bullet point form.

Christmas Eve.  An exciting 'night out' in Monmouth to catch up with school friends.
There was a queue for spoons.  Let's write that again, because it's that ridiculous:  a queue to get into wetherspoons.  yes.  madness. Christmas Day.  Family stuff, and lots of food. Boxing Day.  Got bored and dyed my hair.  With henna, so it's an interesting shade of fiery orange.  Or ginger, if you prefer. Saturday.  Delivered a fridge to Ironbridge, and prodded Jem's cats/guinea pigs This... continue reading »